What are some signs girls look for when trying to figure out if a guy likes her?


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  • f he texts her first... if he flirts... if he toches her.. if he wants to spend time with her.. if he talks to her. they are pretty big signals. touching her face arms ect... flirting... but make sure the girl likes you first by reading her.. do you know if she likes you?

    • I think she still likes me even tho she is my ex girlfriend. At prom somthing happened between us and I posted the details in another question. I kinda wanna get back together with her and it seemed at prom she wanted to do the same

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    • Nah I still reckon ask her. it was prob just a written comment so that you will remember her. to me I would still ask her out. and if she's says no . at leats you know you tried and it won't change anything between you if she says she's your friend so what's there to lose, ask her out=]

    • Alright. Ill see what happens after finals because we aren't rly talkin that much now a days

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  • Complimenting her(sometimes too much ;)asking about her hobbies , family hopes and dreams etc.eye contact ,touchyness...hope this helped