Is there any other girls out there that aren't into the new make up trend?

Make up has evolved and the trend right now doesn't appeal to me, though I don't suit heavy makeup. I was wondering if there are any other girls out there feeling the same and they'd choose a more natural look?

Not that there's anything wrong with it, it's kinda pretty but it would be a nice change to see different opinions and looks


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  • I think the makeup on the catwalks was very streamlined but a tad shiney. I think glittery cheeks and eyes may be here for a while.
    I am like you, in that, I don't find heavy makeup my thing. I much prefer a natural more daytime look and, even moreso, with Summer around the corner.
    These beauty gurus and influencers on Youtube drive me crazy with their heavy layers of makeup - they squirt like 3 pumps of foundation on and then layer on powder, highlighter, setting spray. It makes me want to heave sometimes. Too draggy for me.


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  • I don't even know what the actual makeup trend is haha, my routine takes maximum 10min: concealer to hide my black circles, eyebrow pencil, light brown eyeshadow, mascara and sometimes a little bit of powder. I tjink it looks pretty natural

  • I don't usually mind heavy makeup on other girls, but I prefer the neutral look on me.

  • Definitely prefer natural :)


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