Girls, long-wearing lip color recommendation?

Any ideas/recommendations on long-wearing lip color that doesn't transfer, kiss proof, and doesn't completely wipe off from eating/drinking? And even if it does transfer or wipe off some... maybe just minimally?
Or if you know of any application method (s) that could achieve any/all of the above?


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  • I would recommend any kind of "lip stains" lovely.

    I do use several Kylie Jenner lip kits. The colours and the matte look are brilliant, but long lasting? Not really. You do need to reapply here and there but not after 3-4 hours. It does come off when you are eating and drinking (having to always wipe my coffee cup when I take a sip from it has been annoying to the point where I just leave it on the cup now lol)

    Lip stains are supposingly able to last for 18 hours. Some even need to be removed manually (by using honey and brown sugar to exfoliate your lips) lol I mean if you need to do that to take your lip colour off, it's pretty darn long lasting to me haha

    It's very lightweight too which is also nice. You don't want to feel like you painted your lips will a paint roller.

    I recommend using the Sephora website. As that is where I like to get my make up freak on 🙃

    • I have a few of the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks and they do have staying power. If I use a lip primer under it, the transfer is minimal and it stays on. BUT they tend to make my lips dry and flaky.

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    • Are there any lip stains that you've used and liked so far?

    • I really like LipSense by Sene Gence. You have 3 different tubes 1. Colour 2. Gloss/seal and 3 remover. They just brought out a new diamond seal made from real crushed diamonds! That's around $40.00! I'm ordering that :)

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  • Definitely the Kylie lipkits. I know some people hate the KarJenners but regardless, homegirl knows how to make some long-wear lipstick. But a trick to make sure your lipstick lasts all day (no matter what product) is: moisturize with lipbalm, apply lip liner first to ensure it won't feather out, apply the lip color, hold a tissue against your lips, then brush a setting powder on the tissue over your lips. And Voila! your lipstick isn't going anywhere!

    • Thanks for the tips! :)
      Yea, I do moisturize them every night; I slather on some Aquaphor and my lips feel nice and somewhat plumped the next morning...(not unless I spend the night with the guy and then it's all gone even before the night is over, LOL).
      I use lip liner too. And I'll definitely try that setting powder trick. I've read about it before but never actually tried it.

    • One question: I went to check the Kylie website and saw that a lot of them are matte. Are they drying?

    • A tiny bit, but really not bad at all especially with your moisturizering routine. They're significantly less drying than other mattes I've tried.

  • Definitely try Too Faced melted matte liquid lipsticks they stay all day and are super hard to get off! The shades are beautiful and they brand is cruelty free too :)

    • Are they drying?
      Just wondering since they're matte and the staying/long-wearing type :)

    • I don't find them to be overly drying no, they are the one matte formulaI've tried that doesn't look overly cracked or dry. If you do have really chapped lips though mayben not the best xo

  • Definitely Kylie Lip kits. They don't come off for shit, lmao.
    Also Wet N Wild Megalast lipstick. Those are two pretty good ones.

    • I always read and hear good things about the Kylie lip kits but I've hesitated giving them a try because it's, y'know, Kylie and I hate that whole Jenner/Kardashian thing... but maybe I should cave in and give it a try.

      Thanks for your response! :)

    • I'm not too fond of them myself, but the kits are pretty worth it.
      And you're welcome! (:

    • One question: I went to check the Kylie website and saw that a lot of them are matte. Are they drying?

  • i use le marc creme lip gloss that last all day and is kiss proof pretty much

    • I've heard those are pretty good too. Maybe I should check them out.
      Thank you for your response :)

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    • "can kiss all day without refreshing lipstick"
      Ooo... now I'm EVEN more interested in trying it :P

      Yea, I actually don't mind splurging a little on makeup IF i know it's good quality and holds up to its claims and all :)

    • yes is very good. you will love it.

  • Nyx matte lip cream! It's almost like the lip kits but cheaper.

    • I love the soft matte lip creams! Cannes is my favorite.

    • Oooh nice I like the 19 one, not sure what the name is

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