Both these men are possibly handsome but only if they take care of themselves?

Both these men have possibly handsome face and might be appealing to women in general but only if they take care of their body hair, otherwise they are sexually repulsive?

Both these men are possibly handsome but only if they take care of themselves?

Both these men are possibly handsome but only if they take care of themselves?

Hello there girls
This way better and superior and beautifuler than these men?


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  • No, the first one is definitely attractive , body hair doesn't make him any less good looking , nothing wrong with the second one either from what I see , you just dont get a good view of his face

    • Second one has very hairy skin. Not fazed out with it? I mean better shave everywhere?

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    • Hey, all women are different , but me and the other women who commented on this agree that body hair on men isn't an issue and can be attractive , dont worry about it ๐Ÿ˜Š body hair looks manly its attractive to a lot of us

    • ummm , if you say so. But hey , did you see the question i posted link of?
      That's me :(
      Not to good i gues...
      Can you answer it?
      I don't know , i feel i would look inferior and odd beast compared to a naked woman.

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  • Don't you have enough guts to post such insane thing under your username @creativeuserguy?

    • Nah I don't

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    • Further conversation with you will be meaningless hence, bye ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Why do you escape whenever I ask wether you are hairy or not!

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  • If they have a great personality too, then I am find with body hair.

    • Ugh
      Trying to be philosophical?

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    • Ya ya ya
      Prefer a woman over these men, isn't it?
      These men should shave everywhere?

    • Um no? I am my own person and can have my own opinions. I honestly don't care what men do with their own body hair, but I personally just don't like that much body hair. I am entitled to my opinions, and I don't mean anything by them. It is just how I am. So please excuse me while I go live my life and run at my track meet. Thank you, and have a nice day.

  • no the hair is fine in my opinion i would be more annoyed and unnattracted to someone who took that long preening

    • These men ESP the second picture has lots of hairs than an average man should/can have.
      You still prefer him and his natural state over one who shaved or maybe wax it off?

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    • Why rude?

    • So harsh woman

  • Body hair is fine, period.

    • This level is toooooooo much beastly actually.
      Wow, one girl agreed with your answer...

  • They're smoking hot already. Love the hairs.

    • Yes they are hot esp the first guy has hot face and body built. But the first guy is also having a LOT of chest and even whole of belly hair as well as very hairy arms. Is he still hot? Or maybe if he waxed he would be more appealing and sexy?

      The second guy has way lots of hairs like rug carpet... :(
      He is seemingly a beast.. unfortunately

    • Hairs are manly. I like playing guys chest hair and arm hair. The second guy is still hot. It would look weird if they'll shave it off.

    • Maybe because the second guy is bit toooo heavily hairy he should wax it off instead of shaving? Waxing won't leave him prickly stubbly?
      O well , have you ever been / seen a very hairy man personally in real life? I guess most women around you would disagreee with you and dislike such men. Yeah?

  • They look good sexy

    • Being honest? Thanks then

  • No, theyยดre handsome already.

    • I agree that they are handsome, but their overly hairy body ruins it for them. No?
      And see how nice the woman looks compared to these men, just because of their excess hairy body

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    • Because that's way too much hairy and you say that's ok

    • It's okay.

  • These questions have to stop.


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