Sweet sixteen guest looks?

Well I have two sweet sixteens coming up in June and I do not really know how to do my makeup and stuff. I am currently 15, tryna grow out my hair for these events. My eyes are a mediumy shade of brown that look hazel in the sunlight, I want something that will make them pop. My outfit #1 is pink and has silver accents and stonework. Outfit 2 is a cremeish orangey color with stone work and gold accents. How should I do my makeup and hair?


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  • I have hazel eyes, too, and I really love brown and gold shades on my eyes, but you could also go with pink or purple or some shades of green, but with brown you just can't make a mistake :) just don't go for blue, it makes hazel eyes look dull. Apply a thin line of liner, a lot of mascara, and fill in your eyebrows a little. For hair I don't know, as you didn't say how short it is...

    • thanks for the tips! My hair is lies at my breasts when straightened.(upper portion)

    • oh well that's long actually xD I'd just straighten it cause I don't have much talent or patience for styling hair... :/ but if you know how to make some nice bun or braid, then you could do that to :)

    • oooooo I like that idea! I always feel like my hair is too damn short to work with lol. you think I should do a braided bun or perhaps a straightened half up half down style?

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