Girls: Clothes Shopping with a Feminine Male Friend?

Would you ever consider or have you ever gone shopping for women's clothes with a guy friend before knowing they were for him, not for sexual use, but he's more feminine and finds the clothes much more comfortable and prettier than mens? This has been on my mind all the time.. I just want some company and support, even some good laughs to ease the day. I can't find a single friend anywhere.
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What Girls Said 3

  • I have. A few times. They were open with me about themselves and I wanted to help.

  • I have done that

  • Hell yeah! I would love to go shopping for clothes with anyone no matter what their gender is! I mean, come on, do clothes have a gender? Wear what you want and kill it!

    • Omg you absolutely made my day. I always think that way, it's clothes.. who should care, really. I just like the softer and better form fitted styles... well, the colors and shiny stuff helps too.

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