Boys, how would you get butteflies?

You dumped her because you couldn't see her.

Your mom got in the way, so you texted her and called her all the time.

You got sick of missing her.

The love died you told her you didn't feel the same.

You haven't seen her in 4 months and haven't talked to her in 3.

You'll be at a birthday party at a lake house, she'll obviously be there also.

Obviously she'll be wearing a bikini.

You know she's beautiful and also has a very athletic body.

I want to play hard to get, I want to look beautiful, I hope he will get the chills. I need advice. It’s going to be hot outside; I'm not a girly kinda girl. I'm kinda preppy and I'm raised white so please no ghetto style clothing. I basically have the same color and tone of skin as Christina Milian. I have her complexion and I look a lot like her. Think of an outfit for me, I’ll be swimming and I’m sure it’ll get cold at night so I don’t know what to do. I have lots of hair and I don't know what to do with it!

I want to look absolutely beautiful, so that my ex will get the chills when he sees me.

I need advice on:

Bikini color/style







Gestures: What to do with my eyes, lips, smile, when to do what? I want him to get the chills.


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  • okay I certainly can't give the best advice on all of these, but I can give some

    Bikini color: I think the purple/violet or greenish tones will fit you, because I have the same color tone of skin and those 2 colors never make me look white or dark just perfect

    Bikini style: make sure its not too small yet not too loose

    Shirts: go with the girly knits it will b girlish and would b different on you and surely stunning

    Sweatshirts:go with something girlish a lil

    Shoes: all starts are always great no matter what

    Accessories: nice on ear earrings and some necklace like something girly and sweet

    hair: wavy is the way girl

    make up: keep it natural just some lip gloss and rosy cheeks will look more natural and nice

    Gestures: bets of it is the SWEET SMILE


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