Ladies- Any stores that sell bras with smaller than 32 bands?

Do any of you ladies know where I can find a store that has bands that start at 28 and have cup sizes that go to at least F? Even starting at a 30 band would be fine. The only place I've been able to find a 30 band size is Nordstrom and I've never even seen a 28, which would actually be my size. Even the 30 bands I have found have a very, very small selection. Maybe 3 bras for the entire store and I didn't like any of them, but bought one anyway since what choice do I have really? It's even harder to find ones that have larger cup sizes. I'd rather not buy online since I can't try it on and trying it on is an absolute must for me. Stores in either America or Europe please! USA size 28E, EU size 60E


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  • grab one from a barbie doll kit. should fit fine


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  • I don't know if any stores carry that size, but my sister is a 30 too. She wears a training or sports bra under some of her bras or ties knots in the straps to shorten them. I've used safety pins on a few of mine and actually sewn some down. That's not ideal, but it should help your current bras fit a little bit better

    • Great idea! Never thought of sowing mine. Thank you.

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    • @BellePepper
      That's a good video. I make sure I find bras that fit me well now. Everyone at Victoria's Secret wants to put me in a 34DD because that fits my boobs the best, but the band is too tight and punches I my back, so I really need the 36D band. Sometimes I have to sew the straps shorter because I have a short torso and the straps are too long and only tie knots in them when they're really cheap or old. I know my size and what fits comfortably

    • Nothing is ever straight forward it seems

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  • my suggestion is to look for sister sizes. They'll be easier and cheaper to find and fit just as well.

    • Yes I know, I usually buy sister sizes. With sister sizes the cup fits but the band is much too loose

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    • Hmm well I usually buy 32 D but I've found 30DD and it fits almost perfectly. With the 32 D it fits initially but loosens up much faster.

    • Maybe you need to buy a different type of bra in that size or think about trying the 34C and seeing if that resolves the issue because it should all be the same :/

  • You might want to look for a custom bra fitter.

    • I'm starting to think I have no other choice, they're just so expensive!

    • Yeah but I heard it's well worth it.

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