Does my hair suit me / am I not good looking?

I often change styles and I don't think I'm so ugly, but not amazingly hot either..

The problem is that I am already 20 years old and yet to be in a good relationship. I often hear that my hair is good and it suits me by women, but still I have yet to find a girlfriend.. Also I hear a lot of sh*t about my style from my friends ( men ) :D mostly of my hair..

So I'm asking YOU What do you think of my looks link --> link

Guys & Girls answers are most welcome!

Ps. Please give me realistic criticism maybe like Is my hair too long? Should I cut it or change to something else. What would fit me?

Thank you so much! Hope this isn't too weird question :)

Thank you for your answers :) I hope for more opinions! I am going to shorten my hair its pretty long-ish so.. Haven't yet decided the style.. I'm thinking of maby dying my hair a bit darker than my own hair color ( at the picture its my real hair color )


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  • I think it could be shorter at the sides and maybe thinned out abit, it's not that you don't suit it, it is a little messy. The colour seems ok, but I'm not sure if you'd benefit with a change or not. I'd try a dak shade to see what that looks like before picking a definite style. I always used to go for a sort of Oli Sykes haircut, it was amazingly popular with a lot of people and suited me somewhat, Having said that I vary my hair alot.

    • Please don't encourage him to become another trendy choppy-black-haired scene clone. There are enough of them already.

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    • I never said his haircut would affect change his personality, I'm saying it's a boring and generic haircut and that far too many people have it. Also, "scene" is not emo. Emo is a legitimate post-hardcore movement that died in the 90s.

      Navio Forge, Honeywell, Reach Out, Tipping Canoe, and Sleeping Body are emo.

      Alesana, My Chemical Romance, Emarosa and Blessthefall are not.

      Stop lumping the two together.

    • I know, I didn't lump them, but I didn't have a scene haircut.... I had an emo style one. Here emo and scene people/haircuts are rare, it's chav rule in Britain... It's an uncommon haircut in these parts. And I know you didn't but I'm making a point, his hair can look scene, that wouldn't make him a scene kid.

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  • Your not exactly my type.. but that doesn't mean you are ugly, not at all. Try a bit of a skater hair do, like this: link but not flipped at the edges, and your natural color. The hair you have now is slightly too long. I think you can be really cute with a new hair style.

    • Agh, damn link doesn't work.

    • Sorry that's so long, but at least it should work, haha.

  • get your hair shorter, but not 2 short. try going a little longer than ur jaw, and mayb try a shade darker on ur color. it's actually pretty cool, if a little long :)


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  • I would strongly suggest a haircut. It's not a matter of too long or too short, it just looks a bit moppy to me. That being said, I don't think you're unattractive, but a neater hairstyle would fit you better.