For girls here who wear those Nike tempo shorts, if you ever have, what could you tell did?

If you wear those shorts and have had a smooth player come up to you that you could TELL was trying to ignore your legs/booty in those and couldn't... so when he looked down his mouth fell down shocked, what about you in those could you tell made it so his toughest efforts to be cool and ignore it don't work on you in those?
  • Don't wear them or know what they are
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  • I wear em, but haven't had a guy try that on me that I could tell/I have had 1 try that, but he did ignore it that I could tell
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  • I wear em&I have had this happen. The fact that they're form fitting and short, even though I'm not all that thick
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  • I wear em&I've had that happen. The fact that I'm really thick, cellulite/stretchmarks, etc. Those shorts showcase that, it worked easily on him
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  • I wear em&I have had that happen. He ignored it, until I stuck out my hip, hand propped on my hip. Eyes went to my booty/legs in em, and I'm too thick, got him
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  • I wear em&I've had that happen. I kept a straight face. I'm athletic, not thick, but when I put 1 foot out a little, he looked right at my legs in em, that got him.
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  • I don't wear them.


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