All you girls under 25 who wear black leggings and have, which of these do you?

I'm 1 of those guys who had to give up the act, trying to ignore it and not look down so you wouldn't notice, but I can't. Tried to get through your straight face too. I can't. You're unplayable. Which of these-if any-do you or have you made sure to do so guys like me who try it on you end up the same way I have?
  • I don't wear black leggings, it's N/A to me/or I do wear them, but I never have reminded myself about any of these
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  • Keep several pairs, so I wear them a lot
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  • Add weight/keep a big booty&thick legs, so when you try to ignore it when I wear em, you can't.
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  • Combo of never losing weight, always keeping a big booty&thick legs, and when faced off with you, a straight face no matter what
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  • Not paying attention to my weight really, but always keeping a straight face on you
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  • Waiting for you to look down, but if you don't, I simply push my hip out, hand propped on my hip with a smirk on my face
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  • Losing weight, staying as trim as possible
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What Girls Said 3

  • so black leggings are basically a turn on to you?

  • i lost brain cells reading this

  • What do you mean>


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