Girls, what's the closest to any of these you H. S./college girls poker faced in black leggings that have?

a guy who claims he's a good player advised all I have to do against you girls is to ignore your booty/upper legs in those black leggings, even if you're thick, so you won't notice and then concentrate on distracting you to get through your poker face so a guy can run game on you? If you're 1 of these girls that have had players try this on you, which 1 of these is colosest to what you'd say to me in response to his advice?
  • I don't wear them or have had guys try that on me in them ever
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  • I'm 1 of em. even if she's thick? :) good luck, when that jaw drops, your ego will 2, just so you know! I've had that tried on me
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  • i''m 1 of em. You may ignore the booty/upper legs in em, but we practice the poker face. it's unbreakable, trust me.
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  • I'm 1 of em. He's full of CRAP. Don't try it, if she's thick, it's impossible to ignore. we wear em for a reason. DON'T make that mistake
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  • I'm 1 of em. that might work on us... I've seen it work before!
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  • I'm 1 of em. had that tried on me. booty/upper legs, poker face. ur eyes WILL go in that order. can't ignore it, can't ignore it, can't get through it. *smug*, but truth.
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  • I wear leggings most of the time and I don't care if guys look at my legs/butt they wouldn't get anything out of me anyway.

  • I wear leggings for myself. I'm a strong independent woman and I don't need to impress no man. let em stare ;)


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