What does a demi permanant toner mean?

i went to the hair salon and they bleeched my hair and then put this thing called demi permanent toner, what does that mean? does that mean the toner is not permanant and if its not permanent what will happen to my hair after the toner disapears?
i personally dont like the toner it made my hair too dark i want it to be blond


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  • it depends of pov


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  • No toner is actually permanent. After a few washes, the hair gets stripped of the effect of it. I have noticed that with every single toner I have used.

    • so after a few washes the toner goes away and i could put the one i want in?

    • Yes, of course it fades away. Especially the darker ones if your hair was blonde. I know that only from experience though because that's what usually happens to my hair. I am not sure if it's the same for other people though, so you better google it as well for better results.

    • okay thanks, my natural hair is black but then i died it light brown and now i died it blond lol hopefully the same happens! i tried googling it but i couldnt find answers lol

  • Google it. I'm sure that'll give you detailed information.


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