What does it mean when a guy makes constant eye contact with a girl?

A guy I have a crush on constantly makes eye contact with me. When we do, he usually smiles and doesn’t break eye contact first, I generally do because I become bashful. However, he also ignores my phone calls and texts. I’m confused. Does any of this mean anything?


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  • i think he likes you, but there is something that keeps him away...

    i think one of his male friends liked first or something, so he doesn't wanna approach you while his friend is still in the game.

    • Alright, so you knew he has friend who likes you ?

    • Yea, there's his friend who I've heard likes me but he's not nearly as nice the boy I like. Do you think that's why he doesn't answer my texts?

    • Well,, yea

      if my friend has a crush on a girl, and she texts me, id ask her to stop, and tell her abt him liking her.

      if she says she doesn't like him, then id tell him that, and still ask her to stop txting me.

      in ure case,, give the guy a chance, he might just be the ONE.. who knows

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  • He likes you soo much that he is probably dosnt asnwer your calls and stuff because he's scared that he might say anything bad or just some load of crap and screw things up!


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  • the guy I like only looks at m eyes - everv

    its like there is no one else

    but then I see posts here TELLING guys to do that to turn someone on, so the it just seems creepy because what if I is not genuine..

    it feels really intense when we talk, because its like penetrative,however I do no know if I is genuine

    he also ignores me sometimes ... sooooo who knows :)

  • Boys like to play games so play them back you should try looking over at him and making him smiling and blush and look away maybe wink at him or something then put your head down totally blow him off and ignore him AND if another guy is around totally start talking to him and act like he is so interesting or something then you'll get him wrapped around your finger girl ;) but! If he texts you don't answer wait a little and if he texts you a couple more times but just blow it off to the next day say you where sleeping or with another girlfriend and didn't notice till the morning hope is works:)

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