What is this guy's reaction when he suddenly sees me looking like that?

If I am wearing a dress(summer type)then-when he sees me,at first he tells ''hi'' looking into my eyes but when he notices my dress(it is just a nice summer dress,it doesn't reveal more than it is polite,not even short-till my knees!) he suddenly just looks down and his face gets this frozen expression-it doesn't tell anything though before that he was smiling!Then after some 2 seconds(if I have not still left)he looks up(like he got courage )and tries to start some conversation...

We are not friends but we usually talk for some minute every time when we meet.


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  • He had probably never seen you all done up in a dress before, and he liked what he saw. It's like if you see a girl you think is nice, and she wearing jeans and t-shirt or jacket every time you see her, you probably just think she's kinda cute or just a friend, you haven't noticed her yet. But when he saw you in that dress, he was probably thinking "You look...(Big smile)!". he'd never seen you like that before, and he noticed something in you and it brought out something in him. He was so hit by this rush of feelings he couldn't utter a word. when finally he stops staring he tries to cobble together a conversation, because he wants nothing more than to be near you right now, because he's just developed some feelings for you. And when you like a girl, you want to spend as much time as possible with her because she makes you happy. Hence why he tried to a complete conversation instead of just talking. The fact that you two aren't friends only strengthens the argument that he has a crush on you. I remember I saw this girl I really like all dressed up for the first time, I was too nervous to say anything at first till she said "Hi! I like your shirt!", referring to my Hard Rock Cafe shirt, which she hadn't seen before. Quickly I said back "I like yours!" and smiled and we both smiled and she said "your too kind!" then I asked if she wanted to go online later and she said yes! So you've already peaked this guys interest, you just gotta show some interest back, flirt with him a little, maybe even wear another dress and ask him how you look! or even better, ask him to hang out and make a little friendship, the more comfortable he is with you, the easier it will be for him to ask you out.


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