Clothing style for spring? I'm clueless on what to buy for myself?

I'm interested to hear about others tastes in clothes. Im not a stylish person. I'm black so I want a little more urban look and comfort is the most important to me next to price. So include shirts, pants, shorts, caps, tees. I already know about sweatpants and joggers. by the way I'm 5"11 170 pounds. Thank you so much for helping me out. The more the better


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  • Can't help you with specific clothing items, but from what I've seen so far it looks like green is gonna be the popular color this Spring.


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  • I'm 6 years older than you, and I still rarely pick out my own clothes haha. I feel you on not being stylish, or not really wanting to stress about it

    A fun date that your girl will love is a shopping date. Say you want to buy like 3 shirts and 3 pants that expand your wardrope. She will LOVE it, makes her feel in charge and it makes you look good.

    Otherwise, for my birthday and Christmas, i normally just ask for clothes. my mom and grandmas have a great sense of style haha


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