Girls 17-25 in black leggings, has there ever been a guy like this against you?

Who you could TELL was trying to ignore how great you look in those and not look down at your booty and legs in them, and you THOUGHT he had, that you lost... until... his eyes looked right down at those 2 spots, and his mouth fell open? If this has happened to you, what did you do and think right at that moment?
  • I either don't wear them, or have, but he DID fully ignore it, or this has happened, but I didn't do/think any of these
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  • Yep! I had a determined look, stuck my hip out, hand propped on my hip and thought, " Damn right. Now... try to ignore this, creep!"
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  • Yep! I waited until he looked at my face, raised my eyes a little, thinking, "You tried... but you can't. You're not any better than the rest, sorry."
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  • Yep! I smirked, thought, "DAMN these pay off... I thought he'd won too... nope, still undefeated!"
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  • Yep! I felt cocky and annoyed, glaring at him, thinking, "I KNEW you couldn't."
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  • Yep! I had a totally different thought, reaction
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  • Yep! I smirked, thought, "Awww, too thick? do these showcase it? I KNOW! Hope you learned your lesson."
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  • No, never happened to me.


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