What's the difference between a push-up bra and a guy stuffing his underwear?

Is there any difference between a woman pretending to have a big perky chest and a guy pretending to have a big 12inch bulging sausage in his pants?
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I see that some women don't get the analogy or are just slow or don't give a crap.


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  • Stuffing his pants is more equal to stuffing her bra.
    At least with a push up bra it's still all her flesh.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I never heard of guys stuffing their underware. are there some that guys actually do this?

  • a pushup bra is more real then a guy stuffing his pants to fake a dick


What Guys Said 2

  • It's not the same thing, and I've never heard of guys stuffing their underwear. Any well adjusted guy knows their dick size is fine, whatever it is, it's what you do for her sexually that matters.
    For the girls, they like to amplify their curves, appearance. It's silly, but a push-up creates more cleavage and consequently eye-appeal for the guys. Simple really.

    Surely better than fake tits, right?

    • Fake tits are real flesh, push-up bra is an illusion and a lie.

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    • Yes, because it's a part of her body.

    • Don't be silly. Have you actually squeezed them both to compare?
      Have you seen them leak?
      Have you seen the scars?
      Have you seen the stupid way some girls act when they get them? "Wanna see my new tits?"

      Seriously dude, you're being clueless on this. And a padded bra is clearly nothing even remotely like bolt-on tits - plastic surgery. Geesh! Are you always this thick? LOL

  • In physical form and location, there is difference.
    In strategy and application, hell no! They're both methods used to falsely advertise assets.


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