Do guys really look past the exterior of a girl when determining if they like them?

i don't think I'm the ugliest in the world but I'm sure not the prettiest.

all my friends say I'm nice and super funny but I can't help thinking my exterior is what's holding me back from starting a relationship[

I've told few guys I've liked them before because they always turn me down,.

they always go for the more prettier girls.

so guys, does personality count towards anything a relationship &at what point does it start to matter?


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  • Depends. For a one night stand then personality isn't really that important. The longer the relationship, the more personality is important. I'd say, personally that 50% looks 50% personality. If they do not find them physically attractive but nice, then they will turn you down. If your a bitch but good looking, sure they'll have sex with you, but won't have a long lasting, meaningful relationship with you. A few times, if there is a deep enough initial emotional connection they might ignore looks completely, but that is very rare, and I've seen that become obsessive a fair bit.

    More likely things to holding back is...what is judged as funny by girls is often a massive put off to boys rather than looks.

  • only when looking for a WIFE.


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