Girls, Ladies, Women of my great jealousyness! Why is women's clothing always so much softer and more comfortable then men's?

Not saying all men like silky and/or soft and fluffy clothing, but I will be damned if I can ever find anything casual in men's stores here. I don't shop online so I can see how the material feels and the quality of the item. I have to wear women's clothing to be happy and comfy.. a lot of the men's cotton's and denims are too thick and heavy. I don't dare go out much in women's clothes, only later in the evening and a distance from home only. It sucks not having the freedom.


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  • I feel like guy's hoodies are more comfy. Better material.

    • l actually found a really nice hoodie the other day in our Walmart mens dept. Had an awesome graphics print and micro fleece lining. Had to pick it up, l know times are changing, l regularly see pink in men's also now, which is awesome! I love blue and pink. :-D

What Guys Said 1

  • silk everyday


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