Guys, what kinda body do your prefer ?

what kinda body should your girl have?

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  • Curvy
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  • Chubby
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  • Fat
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  • GIRLS who wanna check out the results
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  • Real women have curves. LOL! Naw, I like curves, but the type of body a woman has is seriously going to be the last factor, if it's even considered, in a relationship. I want to know if how she is built is healthy for her. Can she still function like a normal, healthy person? Sometimes, someone's build is just a shell. A girl can have an amazing body and her health can be shot straight to hell. Also, a girl can have an "amazing body" and be a total--excuse me--bitch. Yes, it's the curves that lure me, but it's a woman's mind that keeps me hooked.


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  • I feel like being honest, body does matter, but if the personality sucks, no matter how great the body is, its still a no.

    Like, if the girl I loved in highschool grew a bit overweight over the years, it would be fine, but I would probably not be looking for girls who are chubby/fat sorry if that's offensive

    but yeah. and I would usually look for skinny girls. not anorexic.

    curvy. well, if a girl just keeps trying to look really curvy, then well, she's pretty vain I'm sorry, just look healthy and that's fine. chubby is honestly ok, just. not too overweight/fat, or anorexic. BUT if there is a girl with a curvy body who has a great personality, I don't mind =) (im not giving the stereotype of curvy girls being vain. I'm just saying from experience, or from what I know of most of the girls I know)

  • It's all in the ASS! Even if she has small boobs, but a hot round ass (not too big though) she's HOT!

  • I like them really, really skinny.

    And I'll take them only if they have a clinically diagnosable Mental Health Issue. It is kind of a thing I have.

    BTW, Fantastic job including option E

  • Its all about the person. I dated a girl who was sorta chubby but she had this amazing personality that just sorta drew me in.

  • I like a nice well purported body. Nice face, at least shoulder length hair (preferably brown) eye color well green or any doesn't matter that much, great teeth, on top I like them a litter smaller 32C. Waist not too chunky hips to match & butt not too big. Height oh about 5'6"-5'8"

    • Wow... you have a very specific physical appearance you're looking for... what happens if you fall in love with a girl that's only, dare I say it, 5"1? or perhaps you meet her when she has shoulder length hair, and then she cuts it to her chin? will you still love her?

  • I like muscular girls (not bodybuilder-type but a six pack and quads are hot)

    that wasn't a choice

    but just my preference

  • if you're not thin you're not in

    • So like wts considered thin, talking sizes. I mean when you say thin do you mean in the healthy weight range or do you mean like a size 0 or 2 etc etc. specify for my curiositys sake plz.

  • definitely not short and chubby

    • Thanks? instead of insulting people why don't you tell people WHAT YOU PREFER not what you DON'T prefer. I am not short or chubby, so I am not personally offended but that was pretty shallow and rude how you said that.

    • Yeah you need to go get offended some where else.

    • Gotta agree with Bluexxeyes, that was just plain rude and unproductive. What the hell's the point in putting it up there? We all know skinny is technically "in" -- that wasn't the question.

  • I chose A, but I would prefer B. I would find C and D to be offensive.

  • Why even if you aim this question at guys, AND you add the option E for girls they still choose other options?

    Anyhoo. I chose curvy. I'm a kind of small guy so that's one reason, and the other is that I like when there is something to show off. Really skinny girls Are like just plain, but girls with curves you "see them better" if you want to put it like that. What I mean is that you see their hips better, the curves of their breasts(Huge attention grabber for a lot of guys)

    Girls with curves also know the limit of too much weight and too little. The take good care of their bodies

  • When I first met my girlfriend, she was about 50 or more pounds overweight, but she has a beautiful face and personality, so I have been in love with her because of that, as well as the fact that she loves me. She has lost about 30 pounds in the last 6 months, but she is definitely still the same beautiful woman that I love no matter what! So, I guess I would say that her body really makes very little difference to me because I loved her when she was seriously obese and still love her just as much, if not more today, but not because of her body! I love her.I love her.I love her.! :)


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  • i love how you put the last option, for all us nosy girls that wanna know. lol

    • Thx

      but still some girls don't seem like they get it :P lol

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    • What's even better is the guy who chose the girls option. xD

    • Maybe he feels like a girl :P lol

  • I think those results look pretty good, especially since I am a curvy girl. Woo Hoo! hehe This was a really interesting poll. Thanks for thinking of it.

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