Guys I want experienced people to answer me pls I need help?

1) What should i do to make face clean and not oily with dead skin?
2) What should i use to make my hair not dry and thicker?
3) What can i use to clean the black thing under my eyes?
4) What should i use to clean my spots and big black heads on my nose and around my face?
Please i need people to answer who been through this and know what they talking about not just a guessing


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  • I recommend you use a mild face cleanser, I use dove bar soap, and remember to pat your face with a clean cloth... always use cream and not lotion on your face, use spf 15 and a night cream at night. I use olay. don't use any harsh chemicals on your face, don't use alcohol on your face.

    for hair, wash only 1-2 x a week, and you can condition in between, you can use dry shampoo if you really need it on the days you don't wash. You need to make sure you treat your hair gently, so don't use too much hair blow drying or flat iron, just let it naturally dry. Also you can try deep conditioning.

    your under eye circles, you can try eye cream and also I have heard that natural things like yogurt or cucumber can reduce the inflammation.

    you can try to google michelle phan egg mask for that, or you can try an at home gelatin nose strip, again youtube has a lot of diy!

    good luck

  • exfoliate.

  • Use a exfoliator
    Use oil to make your hair soft


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