Is it weird or anything to be attracted to all my closest/best friends (all female)?

I have three really close female friends, and I've had dreams about all of them, and stuff and one is around my mother's age, another is like 26, and only one is actually a bit younger than me.

But I'm curious is that weird or anything, or usual or what? Opinions welcome.

o and, I suppose I was wrong about the oldest one, she's younger than I thought, she looks like she's mid twenties, but she's actually early thirties, but considers herself more of an age to where should could be my mother (age wise), looks about mid 20s


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  • well, I guess its normal to be close to females in general, I've had crushes on my teacher, but its only just looks. the youngest one may be the safest option, and you should keep in mind that at our age, its different than adults having large age differences wehen dating.

    • Not interested in a relationship with any of them actually, and to be honest I was in a relationship with the youngest one =? but someone she'd been interested in most of her life took notice of her, so... she's happier with him, I'm fine with that, but was just wondering about the attraction to close friends like that being normal or not, trying to figure out if it's more of a psychological closeness, or if it's just because they are really attractive people, and I suppose the one closer to my

  • The one around your mother's age is a little bit strange, but normal in this time of age. Other than that, it's perfectly normal


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