GUYS: do you look at girls you find unattractive?

I know I may sound possibly insane but oh well, I am quite self conscious of my body, but it's not obvious all my friends think I am confident I'm really not, but anyway what I want to know if do guys double take, look at or smile at something they do not find attractive?

oh wow I sound really mad because sometimes I wear something I think yes I look nice in and guys look and then I think what if I'm being too sure of myself and they are looking because I look like crap?

i feel really stuck up saying this but I pretty sure it's the your pretty smile, thanks for your answers!


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  • with me you can tell the difference between a hi smile and an I think you look pretty smile. if I have a hi smile, then I will look for a second or two smile and then go back to whatever I was doing or keep walking. if I think you are pretty, then I will keep stareing with a dumb deer in the headlights look that is pretty obvious. I will keep more eye contact and keep looking when you walk away and you can tell I'm checking you out.

    bottom line there are two completly different looks as to whether I thnk you look good or not and I don't really look at people I'm not attracted to for more than a few seconds.


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  • Of course we look at girls we fine unattractive. How else would we know!

    A smile isn't something universal, the human mind is very good ad distinguishing the different smiles..

  • We smile at a lot of people. It could be just a friendly "hi" smile or a "I think you look pretty" smile. I'm sure there's no reason why guys wouldn't think you're attractive. Different guys like different types of girls. There's someone for everyone out there :)


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