Is this a good idea for growing out my hair?

Right now, I have medium curly hair that reaches about to my bra strap when stretched out. However, it has a couple of inches of dead ends on it that keep breaking, therefore my hair has not gotten any longer in a very long time. I am planning to cut my hair to just below my shoulders to get rid of the split ends (and the little bit of ends left that are still left after I grew out my dyed hair) so that it can be healthy again and hopefully grow. It used to reach my lower back at one point.

Is cutting off the dead ends and starting fresh a good idea? I also no longer dye my hair and only use heat on it a maximum of a couple of times a week, and use heat protectant spray when I do. I also have some Hair Skin & Nails vitamins I can take.

I heard that hair grows fastest in the summer, so I figured that with all of the putting off I've been doing, this would be the perfect time to cut it and allow it to be healthy and quit breaking. Is there anything else I can do to get my hair to grow without breaking?


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  • If those parts keep splitting and breaking do trim the minimum. You are no longer dyeing or using heat or anything like that, right? No relaxers? Sounds crazy but I sleep with a shower cap on my head at night to keep my hair moist and that gives the greenhouse effect and helps it grow. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water as well, avoiding soda and anything that can dry it out.

    • Yes, I am no longer using any chemical treatments including dyeing. I only use heat once or twice a week maximum, and only on certain parts of my hair. I use a heat protectant spray beforehand and try keep any heat brief (so passing over it quickly) and lower temperature.

      I rarely drink soda as well and drink a lot of water, so that is a plus! The shower cap sounds like a good idea, do you do this with wet or damp hair, like after a shower? Thank you!

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    • You're welcome :) I'm growing mine out and trading tips with everyone☆

    • Thanks for MHO:)

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  • Yes.
    Also, invest yourself in a sulfate free & alcohol free shampoo.
    Argan/coconut/grapeseed/avocado oil also seem to help.

  • Do coconut oil hair masks and braid it when you go to sleep. I started the hair masks and stopped using heat at all and my hairs down to my ass now

  • I think it depends on your face cut


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