How does it feel to be?

Men how does it feel to be followed by many girls wanting you?
( To me personally it never happen and I am working on my self to make this happen )
Women Same for you, how does it feel to be follower by a lot of men wanting you?
Also i wanna know man did you ever been unwanted and when you grow up you being to be wanted a lot from girls? if yes at what age it begun?


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  • well in kindergarten I was a stud then I got really shy and no one wanted me but then I moved for high school and I had no joke 5 chicks going for me and I liked none if them. don't get me wrong they are great people but I had my eyes on someone else. it get really annoying

    • but better than feeling lonely and unwanted right?

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    • that cheers me up, thankx, night

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