When do you think that someones dressing choices are being too provocative? What's the limit, not only in an ethical way, but in an aesthetic one too?


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  • I personally don't think there is a limit. Of course I believe that people should be professional when necessary, such as in school, at work, at events, etc. But otherwise I'm fully supportive of people wearing absolutely whatever they want


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  • you can wear whatever you like if you feel confident in it!


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  • When someone can see cleavage, it's too much. Skirts shouldn't be much above the knee. Shorts about half way up the thigh at most. Burkas are NOT necessary.
    Anything that appeal to men's animal lust should be avoided.
    Men are very visual. Avoid distracting them.
    Men want to talk to you, not your breasts.

    Hope this helps.

    • 😳😳😳😳

    • @vasot
      Hope I didn't get too graphic, but that's what's going through a man mind.
      A DECENT guy really wants that person to person connection with a girl without the confusion of thinking about the body to body thing.

  • Well
    Ur freedom ends when thee people freedom starts. So basically
    Don't over dress to seduce even nice faithful man. Meaning u wear a bikini in a shopping mall wth?

    There is a guy who have a wife and kids , and u waking in mall like that got him horny :/ very bad. Hhhh

    So u did interfere with his wife business by stealing his eyes , even if he just looked for 1 second we men controlled by visual stimulation more than u think , so it will be stuck in his head that image for a while like 5 minutes minimum :( .
    If he went to the beech then he deserve it he asked for it , but not in the mall..!

    Hope my idea was delivered

  • try avoiding exposing the body shape by wearing tight dresses..


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