Body modification?

why do people like body modification? Guys do you like that?

OK so to clear up the modifications I'm talking about gel implants in the arms and body and I'm not talking about breast implants, scaring themselves, and splitting their tongue in half, things like that


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  • People like body modification for a number of different reasons. I would say that most people get piercings because they just think that they look good. Tattoos usually have some sort of significant meaning to a person that is so important that they want to bind it to their bodies permanently, although some people just like the look.

    Then there's modifications that are gotten to correct a perceived aesthetic deformity. These fall under plastic surgery for the most part and are generally accepted by society even though they are often more extreme modifications than piercings. Generally, the difference between these types of modifications and piercings and tattoos is that those kinds of mods add something additional to the body while plastic surgery usually changes the shape or features of body itself.

    Some modifications are gotten for practical reasons. These are probably the least common type of body modification and include enhancing sexual pleasure with a genital piercing, permanently attaching glasses to a bridge piercing, or being able to sense magnetic fields with a magnetic implant.

    You can't really ask "why do people like body modification?" Body modification encompasses a wide variety of things, and even within a single type of body modification you will find a number of different reasons. The same thing goes for asking if guys like body mods. Personally, I like some tattoos on girls that are well thought out and look good on their bodies. However, I am not a fan of sleeves. Its all personal preference.

    • Oh you mean like Steve Haworth type stuff. Its really just a very extreme type of aesthetic mod. I would guess that people get them to be really out there and different. Perhaps they also want to draw attention to a certain part of their body or a tattoo they already have by getting implants there. I can't imagine most guys liking that unless they're also into extreme modification.

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  • What exactly do you mean? Generally speaking, I love body modifications.

    Tattoos can look really great. The only issue I see is when people get a lot of individual tattoos, because they can end up looking unharmonious. (People with a few big tattoos like sleeves are okay, because its all 1 design)

    Im a fan of just about every piercing, but again it can be easy to do. I also like spacers, I think they are quite nice. But its hard to go back after a spacer, because you'll always have that gap.

    Now some of the crazier modifications I'm not quite a fan of. Split tongues are quite scary. Full body tattoos can look a bit odd as well, but still if you like how you look that's what counts above all else.

  • I know in some african cultures its attractive, so many to certain people it is. Personally I'm yet to see a body modification that is attractive or even one that I can say looks pretty cool, they all give me that "wtf! really?" feeling. I think if it made you stronger in some way like if you get steel caped knuckles so you can punch harder, that would be cool, but the stuff they have now is just a little silly, maybe one day Ill see it or see something cool about it...

  • What sort of body modification we talking about?


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