My Pain killers = Stretch Marks Is It Unattractive?

I am 13 and suffering from a severe pain called CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). In April 2016 I had to take Lyrica (Pregablin) To help with my pain level and it left me with deep red stretch marks on my hips and lower stomach. It is hard not being able to wear bikinis with my friends. A cute guy in my class seems interested but if he sees the marks I think he'll lose interest should I be worried? (I'm only 14 so nothing sexual but when wearing bikinis and crop top and cut out dresses) I am small in the bust but larger in thighs and hips yet toned as I go to Pilates and Gym 2-3 times a week. Thanks!


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  • You know it Actually turns me on to see some marks.. it's like the girl has undergone some fights in her life.. and I love that thing!! Wear it but tell him first.. that you have a few stretch marks.. im sure he won't bite!

    • Thank you for the feedback it's been stressing me out! This fight against pain has been on going for 7 years so it hurts to see so many scars like one going up my arm from my wrist to elbow.

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  • U fine girl. i have stretch marks as well. we all do

    • Thank you so much it's just so annoying as I'm the only girl in my class with them restricting me to wear what they wear ):

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    • Yeah possibly they are just stick then and not one scar visible!

    • yea. most girls in my class are skinny and with little growth which can cause that

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  • U mean cellulites?

  • I never heard of a pain killer causing stretch marks but I doubt a guy would care since you seem like you're in shape

    • I know it's uncommon to gain weight rapidly due to pain killer but it is a side affect to have rapid weight gain. I gained 32kgs in 6 months. (70.54pounds)

    • That's quite a gain from that, no wonder you got stretch marks but most guys don't have an issue with them

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