so I'm going to hang out with this guy.

i had a thing with his friend and when I met up with him this guy was there with his girlfriend at the time.

me and the guy didn't last, and now I'm talking to his friend!

I'm going to see him in like 10 minutes and I have a huge pimple! its so nasty, I've tried everything. I tried using foundation, concealer, everything!

and I'm just scared that when he sees me that's the only thing he's gong to look at.

do you think that will be a turn off for him and won't like me after this?


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  • I think if he really lets it affect him that much, he must be a very very shallow guy. Granted maybe pimples aren't the prettiest thing to look at, but frankly everyone gets them at one point or another. They are simply a part of life. Hopefully he won't care, and will understand that its not a permanent fixture on your face. And honestly if he lets your 1 pimple turn him off that much, do you really want that relationship to go anywhere?


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