What is a "Natural Beauty?"

I'm definitely not trying to sound conceited,but I have been told I am a natural beauty.But the thing is,I wear make-up,I guess I know how to do it without over doing it or I'm not a cake face.People assume I don't wear make-up and tell me I'm a natural beauty.What is a natural beauty?

oh and the make up I wear is liquid foundation,mascara and eye liner.I truly do hate lip makeup,yuck,gross,lip gloss and lipstick(sorry haha)


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  • natural beauty is having no makep on, now if you wear makeup you don't over do it, so what makeup do you wear, is it just foundation, if so that's ok your still naturally pretty its still you.

    when it comes to stuff like lipstick, eye shadow, any makeup that's noticeable isn't classed as natural beauty on a girl


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  • Well I personally think I'm ugly,I honestly think I'm ugly.But I have been told I'm a "natural beauty" but never got what that meant.I also wear make-up.Liquid Foundation;Revlon Colorstay Combination/Oily Skin.Eyeliner;Maybelline Ultra Liner LIquid Eyeliner,NYX kohl eyeliner.Mascara;Maybelline Great Lash or Rimmel.I do wear make-up,but I always make it look natural,nothing heavy,no cake face cracks or pounded on,very little liner and no clumpy chunky mascara.I think people assume I don't use make-up.

    I guess a natural beauty is someone who doesn't have to pound themselves with products to become attractive.

    But I STILL think I'm ugly,it's a fact to me:/

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