Am I vain for wanting to look this way?

When I feel warm, my cheeks turn red and my face kinda "glows". Now this will seem odd but I get *so* many compliments when I'm like that! I can't explain why!

I sometimes have low self-confidence, so I really love it when I get called cute and things like that. Is it wrong to overdress myself a bit for the weather so I get those rosy cheeks and glow?


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  • That is the best things I saw
    My first love was like ur description and I find it super cute XD
    I don't know what u don't like about it.


    It's like u saying looking pretty why people compliment u?


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  • You know blush and highlighters exist right?

    • I have really sensitive skin so I've actually stayed away from all makeup :(

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    • I can try, but why would that be unhealthy?

    • You're not supposed to overheat yourself for vanity.

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