Warped tour anyone?

Anyone heading to Canadian Warped tour this summer?

Add me if you're at Montreal

looking for some after partiers


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  • Lol! Warped tour? Try Ozzfest.

  • do we know whos gonna be there this year. I was never a warped tour fan. cause its mostly hardcore punk bands. but for example killswitch was there one year, and I'm a HUGEEEE fan of them. I'm in cleveland ohio. and I might try to go to the tour this year here in cleve. if the bands are good

    • Nah they have more mediocre metalcore/mallcore than hardcore punk these days, or so I've heard.

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    • The all american rejects were on warped last year. total hard core punk haha. they atarted adding punk pop to the list just to fill it out but a lot of the bands are pretty good

    • I looked it up. there's only one or two bands I would wanna see. so basically for me it'd be a waste of time. and yes the all american rejects will be back this year again. the most famous hardcore punk band around

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