I have been getting rebonding and relaxing for years. This time i decided to try perming my hair and what the result is.. I feel these rough patches especially on the top of my head and you can tell those hair strands burned down..**IT FEELS LIKE A CREW CUT UNDER MY CURLS**

What has happened to my hair? Are they chemical burns or the inexperienced hair dresser has burnt my scalp with the hair straightener? What are the consequences?

Would the salon accept my complaint and make compensations for my case? Since I paid so much money for the service and they ruined my hair? I am so anxious and frustrated about my hair !


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  • colours for hair are most pure chemicals with hydrogenoxyd... means yes your hair is maybe dead, had it from blue and blond colouring, needed almost 10 years to get normal hair without issues


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  • If you're talking about rough patches on your SCALP, then that was the perm. The person who did your hair didn't put enough protective product on your scalp or none at all. That or the product they used wasn't a good one. As for your hair being short, it's possible that they left the perm in too long. I think they're only supposed to leave it in 15-20 minutes and then rinse it out. You should definitely call and complain and ask someone with more experience to take a look at your hair and see what they can do. They can't make your hair grow back, but they may be able to give you a refund or give you a protein scalp treatment for free.


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