Should I leave him?

I'm 33 and my boyfriend is 38 we've lived together for 5 years. This is the second time I've caught him asking another woman to have sex. The first woman told me about it and that she rejected him. That was four years ago. He said he was just seeing what she'd say. The second time was recent and he texted his ex wife some explicit sexual comments and asked her to have sex. She also rejected him. When I confronted him again he said he was just messing with her. The funny thing is he also had told her how unhappy he is like his life is miserable. And when I showed any insecurity about her he always had told me how unattractive he is to her. Am I just being a blind idiot?


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  • It is time to leave. I have nothing more to say.


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  • Guys don't joke about sex like that. If we ask a woman for sex in a joking manner that's just because we don't want to look like a douche bag when she says no so we fall back on the "it was a joke" thing. He's actively trying to cheat on you and if you can deal with that then stay with him. If you respect yourself enough to know he's a jerk and you can do better then dump him and tell him he's now free to have sex or joke about it all he wants.

  • u should have left him 4 years ago when your womb was still good.


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