I don't know how to choose a perfume?

there's a huge collection out there that makes me unable to choose one especially since perfume is expensive in case I didn't like what I've bought.
I don't want to waste time on sample also not all perfumes have samples where I live currently.
I have olive skin tone, dark brown eyes and hair, wavy hair, some curves, long hair.
I like perfumes that mix well with body, I don't like heavy perfumes that erases completely our natural scent. I also don't like fruity perfumes. I also want it to be long lasting.
any recommendations?


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  • I like spicy scents in the Winter and Florals in the Summer. I don't like any fragrances at BBW. I really like Kenzo fragrances and I stay away from celebrity marketed scents. Sephora is not my favorite place to shop for scent. I like Nordstrom. Also Jo Malone has some great fragrances. I generally will not buy a fragrance on the first encounter. I spray it on the wrists and on the strip of paper. That way I get a feel for the true scent and all of the notes. Also what smells great on you won't necessarily smell great on your. Case in point Usher.


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  • Try some samples and see which one you like.

    Try YSL Black Opium. But maybe go to the shopping mall and the staff there might be able to help you better

  • Sephora gives free samples, my favorite perfume is Burberry by Burberry. Your other option is essential oils.

  • live by jlo is my all time favorite. not to be confused with live lux


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