What do you think with men getting French pedicures?

What is your opinion on man getting French pedicures period I get pedicures pretty regularly most of the time with the just clear polish and most of the time my girlfriend is with me. She went and got hers done a couple of days ago so I figured I would get mine done and the lady there asked if I wanted a French pedicure for something new so I did it and I was wondering if I should keep it or take it off and put clear back on because I will be wearing sandals soon. And also I don't know how my girlfriend will react. So the question is to take it off or leave it on
  • French pedicures on a man is a good thing
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  • French pedicure on a man is not my thing
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  • As long as it doesn't have the white line, a clear gloss would pass for me. At least they look nice, and not all disgusting and long. Treat yourself. 👌🏼


Most Helpful Guy

  • Not good...

    By the way, what's up with all the "French...", like French fries, French toast, French kiss, French pedicure... xD


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What Girls Said 4

  • I don't care. They're not my feet and it's not my money.

  • No, it's not attractive when men get "French" or any kind of pedicure.

  • please take it off its a embarresment

  • Take it off.


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