Did I blow it with guy at the gym?

Last week, I was at the gym and while I was putting my weights back on the rack, this cute guy smiled at me and made a flirty comment. We both smiled really big at each other and I laughed at his comment.

A couple of days later he was there again. He wasn't working out, but he was training his friend. He looked busy and I didn't notice him looking at me very much (i.e., not as much as the time before).

The following week (i.e., today) he was there again, the gym was busy, and he was training his friend again. He seemed busy and I didn't notice him looking at me at all. At one point, he was right beside me while training his friend and he might have been staring at me in the mirror, but it's hard to tell. I'm not sure if he was trying to show off, but he'd lift up his shirt to wipe his sweat, conveniently revealing his perfect abs, lol.

On my way out of the weight room, we crossed paths, and I looked up at him to say Hi or to at least smile at him, but he was staring straight ahead so I chickened out. He looked kind of out of it--It was pretty hot in the gym.

My questions:

So what happens now? I try to catch his glance, so I can at least smile at him but this has been unsuccessful so far. It's difficult to keep sneaking peaks at him and to concentrate on my workout routine, lol.

Should I keep trying to say hi to him or smile at him? Or should I just go on with my workout?



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  • You didn't blow it with the guy at the gym. You just met him at him at the wrong time continuously. Don't force it; go on with your work outs. It'll happen. Yes, most guys "show off" if they feel women are looking at them.


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  • Hehe you said blow and rack.


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  • That's a cute story. lol. Anyway, if you're interested in him, then smile at him. Go on and say hi. If you don't say hi or smile at him, then do you really think you'd be able to go on with your workouts without having him in the back of your mind when you're working out? I know it would bother me I would constantly be thinking of him every time I'm working out, so I say you take action and either smile or say hi.