Cute Or Pretty?

Every guy that has ever liked me and vice versa has described me as Pretty.

Guys I talk to in glass say that I'm hott according to my friends.

And guys I meet on my job say I'm cute.

More people say I'm cute than anything else.

What does this mean?

Which one is better?


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  • Depends. Cute is more like, lets say Hello Kitty, there's a factor of innocence and a factor of visual attraction. Hot means highly sexually appealing. and pretty means just that, pretty. I don't think there is one that can definitively beat out the others. Its all about perception. Some guys see you as pretty, some as hot, some as cute, which is great for you because you can attract guys who go for not just one but three types of beauty. So don't sweat which one is better, you seem to have all three.

  • Disclaimer: this is just my opinion.

    Cute means."hey you're cute" but he's also thinking "just don't open your mouth and talk, because that will ruin my perception of your cuteness".

    aka, they don't want your personality, just your looks.

    pretty means."hey you're pretty".but he's also thinking."man, this girl has it all, brains, beauty, grace. she's so cool, I wonder if she knows that I like her?"

    aka, he likes you for you and wants you for everything you are.

    pretty is a higher compliment than cute.


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