How to stop shopping obsessively?

I work in a clothing store and I LOVE shopping. I easily waste most of my checks on clothes but the problem is I need to start saving for college and stuff. But im surrounded by gorgeus clothing and I live in US. I dont wanna quit my job. What do I do to stop shopping? I also do online shopping cuz my info saved to my phone.


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  • It's an anxiety problem. Get counseling


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  • Oh, this sounds exhausting! I know how it's like to do things obsessively :D
    My advice would be to find a way to remind you that you don't want to do it. For me, it has helped to lock the apps I wanted to use so that I have to actively unlock the app (I had problems with Internet addiction...)
    This helped me a lot because then I had to wait for a second and think "hold on. I locked this for a reason. Stop. Close the app. Do something different"
    Maybe you could try something like that, too? Maybe put little slips of paper in your purse or another spot where it's visible to you as soon as you want to shop something, so that you are reminded to not do it.
    For the online shopping, you could try to lock or disable those websites if you want to stop shopping very badly. Try to reduce the possibilities for you to spend money on cloths etc :)


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  • Say no to yourself more often. All of us have addictions, the key is not to allow them to control us. Allow yourself to buy one piece of clothing once every 3-4 weeks or so. Do not do it more often unless you really need to.


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