Should Christian women wear jeans/pants casually and leisurely?

I asked 3 Pentecostal women this and all 3 said no and they meant not just in church but everywhere they go. They believe all women should wear dresses and skirts. I know some professions like doctors/nurses/police officer etc have a sex attire but was mainly talking about leisurely and to events. Those type purposes. Many women in the 1950 didn't even believe in being workers where jeans/pants are worn or masculine based jobs like firefighters/military/officers/etc. They did cotton mills and farming in dresses.

How do you feel about this?

I know those who are not Christian would abide by it so I put Christian women rather than women. I don't want women who aren't Christian to be offended. Although I know some non religious people may even believe pants and jeans are not for girls and women either. Tell me the story into this. Does it serve purpose or is it just a man made rule? Pick answer most suitable if you choose to vote.
  • No, because Christian womens' dress style should not be conformed to worldly fashions
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  • No, because women should be as feminine as possible and dresses rule for femininity
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  • Yes, because men are no better wearing them than women are
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  • Yes, because it's 1970 and beyond and the olden days are buried and should stay buried
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  • Gender based dress restriction on women that promote modesty illustrate that the men in the community do not want to have to control themselves sexually.

    • Ah, can you elaborate, please?

      I can't tell it what you said was a compliment or a put down. Sorry about that. I don't believe that neither sex should dictate to the other sex what to wear. Just like women who refuse to date men in shorts is just as bad as men who make women wear sexy clothing when clubbing.

      Personally, I prefer women in dresses and skirts. However, I don't bash women who dress differently. I just don't prefer the pants and jeans look on women. Some women don't prefer men with beards or beardless men or men in speedos.

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    • It's a put down. Because what you're talking about is believing all women should dress in a certain way as if pants reduced our femininity. That's just oppressive, sexist crap. That doesn't mean I don't wear skirts, or find them attractive on other people. I just don't believe it's right for you to try to dictate what women wear.

    • I understand you point. I didn't mean it in that instance. I meant to say I feel jean/pants doesn't give me the full feminine vibe by her.

      I was not trying to dictate what women wear. I was more or less wanting to know if people believe that it is important for Christian women to separate their dress style from more of your modern fashions. So far, 2 out of 5 don't feel Christian women should wear those type clothes. They didn't give an indication to me that it is all women but just Christian women as I asked or maybe they would have specified all women.

      I don't intend to be harsh but the females in my family wears skirts/dresses a lot except for the one who has to because she's a nurse. Personally, I feel jeans/pants makes women less feminine than other women who don't wear them but I'm biased because I feel men without beards are less masculine then men with them too. Not saying he's a better man or anything by being masculine but it is how I feel.

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