Glasses vs contacts?

I'm trying to see which is better for me. I want to look hot. I have a round face shape. These were suggested, any suggestions would greatly be appreciated especially from ladies.


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  • I can't see the link :(

    I always get both for different reasons!

    I would get glasses that are angular, like rectangle shapes for your face shape. Tell the assistant what your best features are, and what ones you want to hide. If you have good cheekbones mention that you want to highlight them.
    Bring magazine pictures or, internet pictures to help the assistant what style you are going for. Its all about the character you want to be.
    "God has given you one face, and you make yourself another." - William Shakespeare

    Contacts are comfortable if they are clean, and are taken out after 11 hours of wearing them. Although, I'm not sure about other girls but, to me colored contacts still haven't advanced enough to look natural. I look at someone with colored contacts on and its uncanny valley for me. Clear contacts, I'm ok with.

    I would get both. Glasses can contour your face and bring out your best features if you find good frames. Contacts are good for formal nights or, if you dont like wearing glasses. Both good things for different reasons.

  • My brother got contacts after years and years and years of mere glasses-wearing. And he never used them since they irritated him too much and it was so frustrating for him to put in.
    Likewise, when my mom started wearing contacts, she would cry in frustration for a whole month!
    The choice is yours. If you are up for the challenge, go ahead.


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  • Some people can pull of the nice geeky look


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