What do you think of eyelash extensions?

I love mine, they give me so much confidence and the ability to go out makeup less, but theyre an expensive habit to keep up.

What do people think of them? Guys do you like a girl with long lashes even if theyre not hers?


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  • I've had them for 7 years straight now, I can't even remember what I'd look like without them lol
    I love mine, the maintenance is so worth it and people compliment them and my eyes all the time 💗
    Definitely a confidence booster

  • i had them and loved them for sure, but they completely destroyed my lashes once i got them off. everyone who said they didn't lied. i now use velour and ardell strip lashes and i seriously love how much more dramatic they are than extensions

  • Definitely improve appearance but cost s lot


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