Why do people stare at me weird when I wear foundation on only my cheeks and thin to show slight show the scars?

I used to sorta cake on only foundation because I have acne scars and most of the time I would either wear full face of concealer or foundation and it was too light because it had pink undertones and I was African American. The makeup made me look Asian too. It was not that light just a shade lighter then my skin. I decided to wear half a face of makeup only on my cheeks because i hate wearing makeup and want to show people that I am not perfect and I want to be more natural almost bareface. I wasn't using a color correction so my acne scars looked grey through the makeup and I decided to make my foundation extremely thin so that I can show I kinda have acne but not fully show my acne and people have stared at me very weird. Because of the makeup being light and having it only on my cheeks my forehead and eyes were slightly darker than the rest of my face. I don't know if it was because my forehead and eyelids were a shade darker than the bottom half of my face but two women looked at me strange. I hate makeup I shouldn't have to wear it there is nothing wrong with acne. Was I putting too much on or was I too light or overdid? I want to wear a thin layer on only where my scars were which is my cheeks and to show that I am not perfect.


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  • I suggest too faced born this way foundation it's amazing I have acne and this covers it flawlessly especially if you use a primer like porefessional by benefit cosmetics or baby skin by maybelline. Make sure you use a translucent powder so it matches your skintone 😊 I have terrible acne scars and this works xx


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