What to wear to a 70s party?

I'm going to my friend's step dad's birthday party. He was born in 1977, so the theme is anything 70s. I'm looking for cheap outfit ideas, one for me and one for my 5 year old boy, that won't cost me too much. I'm also looking for makeup and hair ideas (I will add a picture of myself to help)! I think it would also be helpful to add that I am not makeup illiterate, I can do just about any look as long as there is a YouTube video.
So far I have a couple of things that could be considered "70s", some circle sunglasses with a blue tint, a black lace kimono, flares and some 70s style platform shoes.
I'm not sure what to wear together and what top to wear. I don't think the shoes go with the flares but I could be wrong.
What to wear to a 70s party?


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