Should I let my hair grow out or dye it?

I used to have this very long deep red hair, I was kinda my trademark. Then I dyed it brown for work-realated reasons. Then I stopped working, went back to school and let my hair grow without dying it. Now I'm not sure what to do with it at all.

Should I let it grow, dye it brown, or go back to red?

sorry for the derp picture, it was the only one I could find that shows my hair the right color.
should i let my hair grow out or dye it??should i let my hair grow out or dye it??
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  • Let it grown and return to your natural color.


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  • let it grow and let it be red and free. red hair is awesome on a girl

  • You're a natural redhead and you're messing with it? And that'sā€‹ a beautiful shade too. WTF!

    • I'm not. The first picture shows my real haircolor. :)

    • I know. Leave it alone. It's beautiful and distinctive. As you said, a trademark look. Very pretty. You obviously have a great sense of humor too.

  • Let it grow. Was there a cosplay or something like that?

  • If you want to do what makes you happy


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