Quick question guys. Long hair or short hair on girls?

i prefer to have long hair. maybe during the summer i regret it some but i still love my long hair. My hairs vary wavy and black so the natural curls look really pretty but at the same time its like what if i cut it short? what would happen then?


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  • I like short hair on girls. It looks cute. Then again, I do also like brushing hair. I guess I could also brush short hair. Whatever. Short hair or long hair, it all depends on what you look like and what you do with it.


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  • When I've had SHORT hair, I tend to attract men who:
    • Are less "traditional" (duhhh)
    • Are MUCH more sexually aggressive -- this is easily the single most noticeable difference
    • Talk to me more like I'm a "bro" -- are more blunt with me from the start (which I appreciate)
    • Don't have preconceptions about women
    • Are younger on average
    • Make the most (and, frankly, the best) conversation

    When I've had LONGER hair and I've worn it DOWN, I've mostly attracted men who:
    • Are most "traditional"
    • Talk down to me
    • Want to throw money around
    • Are older on average
    • Are less sexually aggressive
    • Don't want to involve me in the things they do
    • Make the least conversation

    When I've had longer hair and I've worn it in a PONYTAIL or UP, I've mostly attracted men who:
    • Seem to have lots of shit happening in their lives
    • Are sporty/active
    • Want to involve me in the things they do
    • Talk less, do more
    • Are very busy

    These patterns have been very consistent throughout my whole life.

    I met my husband when my hair was up in a high pony and I looked pretty much like shitters (layover at an airport ahha). Apropos of nothing, my husband loves short hair on women so much that it's pretty much fetish status. He's happy these days.


    On top of that...
    It's well-known that short hair makes women come across as more intelligent, confident, and self-sufficient in business settings -- both to other women and to men (I can find links to these studies, if they interest you).

    In light of that, the differences in men's sexual aggressiveness (as I described above) make sense:
    If boys subconsciously think of shorter-haired women as more confident (and in particular more *sexually* confident), then a more direct and sexually aggressive approach is exactly what you'd expect from them.

    Also, short hair on a YOUNGER woman does, in point of fact, represent a big fat middle finger to lots of social norms.
    So, on some subconscious level, men might be thinking that she'll give a middle finger to other social norms, too -- like making men wait for sex, and so on.

    In any case, yeah, that's been my experience, and it's been a VERY strong correlation.


    2 more things:

    • I have severe resting bitch face.. and I look *fantastic* with short hair. This is highly relevant to ALL of these observations.

    • In general, ONLY women who are in good physical shape can pull off short hair. So, a love for short-haired women can also be a proxy for dat #fitnesslyf mmhmm.

    • Oh, and... Short hair means that my neck is ALWAYS exposed. Which is pretty much a constant tease for my man, who just fucking *adores* that part of me.
      For some reason he just finds it irresistibly seductive, especially when I'm not "trying". ::shrugs:: Hey, I'll take it.

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  • I like my hair long and I don't think I look right with short hair. My hair is mostly straight, slightly wavy. Also auburn shade, how does that sound?

  • long hair please


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