Anyone have tips on how to glow up and look from pretty to hot?

Advice to look hot. Not for anyone but for myself.
P. S. no rude comments


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  • glow up..
    bath twice... facewash whenever returned to your place... apply no cosmetic for about a month only ice tumeric gram flour and bit lime.. thats enough... wash it... do this twice a day for about a month...
    wear yoga pants or tights...
    pushup for more deep cleavage...
    workout... it will tone your lower body...
    rest you can figure out once this are done


Most Helpful Girl

  • makeup.
    1. clean base, use facial masks once or twice a week, exfoliate twice a week, lots of water, toner, moisturizer, keep hands off face
    2. primer
    3. full face of foundation (2 full pumps) i use makeupforever hd. i personally don't like blending with my beauty blender because i find it absorbs a lot of product. i would use an oval brush like the iconic london ones, seriously so good
    3. concealer. conceal using tarte shape tape in a super light shade. do it under eyes in triangle, chin, middle of forehead.
    4. bake using laura mercier translucent
    5. dust off bake with banana powder

    lowkey i'm too lazy to finish typing this and my keyboard is lagging


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  • Drinking a lot of water (2 quarts a day/2 Liters per day) can help you look more like bright and your skin glow. General health does that though I'm my opinion pretty is more attractive than hot


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  • if you have glasses, try using contacts. also, do something new with your hair that will get people to nice you, like dying it a new color or straightening it. and I recommend eating healthier, drinking LOTS of water, and exercising (especially squats) if you want to get an 'ideal' body


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