What color hair dye eleminates red hair dye?

I've had my hair dyed red for over a year and I tried to dye it brown but the dye didn’t take and I still want to dye it brown.


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  • A hairdresser will tell you better. I also had that problem, they said red is shit to get out, you just have to keep on dyeing it actually. It won't work with just once or twice. It took me 4 dyes for it to be out


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  • Green. It is the opposite of it if I am not mistaken. I had a hard time removing the red as well

    • green is not my color and they don't make permanent green dyes

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    • They call them opposite s because it's convenient to do so. Google the opposite of red. It's not going to be any other color apart from green

    • They are called complementary colours.

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