Is it ok if I wear girl's clothes? Should I keep wearing them?

I like wearing girl's clothes as they are very comfortable
Should I keep wearing them?
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  • go for it! don't let gender roles hold back your personal preferences


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  • Go for it, if it's what makes you happy.

  • what type of clothes do u like to wear..

    • shorts, crop tops, panties, stockings, miniskirts, dresses, blouses

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    • okay its cool.. everyone have their own like and dislikes.. if u like them u can wear outside too.. but yah tbh its kind of weird cuz normally people dont wear it outside.. specially guys.. but its not that weird cuz we can wear anything.. but really all that matters is what makes u comfortable.. if guys dresses and things would make me comfortable.. i would wear them all day.. but serious tho.. it doesn't matter wht u wear.. just be yourself... and chill...

      p. s guys things are soo comfortable.. i m lookung forward to buying mens underwear and other cosmetics.. and yah their dresses too.. lol

    • looking*

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